Life Above Par: Oakwyn's Golf Tournament

Oakwyn will always find ways to come together – even over the last year when it has been hard to do so- we have made time for our community to be together, in whatever ways possible.

We were so fortunate to be able to organize an in-person, Covid-safe golf tournament for the Oakwyn community. The tournament was the first time we have been able to physically meet as a community, and it’s been a long time coming.

Catch up on all the summertime festivities below.

Going Above Par

In lieu of Oakwyn’s annual summer party, we were thrilled to be able to organize Oakwyn’s Corporate Golf Tournament at Mayfair Lakes Golf Club as an alternative way to celebrate and get together in a Covid-safe way.

A portion of the ticket sales went to Oakwyn’s featured charity, I’m a HIPpy, along with the full amount raised from 50/50 tickets as our winner Casey Archibald donated his winnings. Oakwyn also sponsored a Cocktail kit to support the Dr. Peter AIDS Foundation. With 76 attendees and 19 teams, our big day out was a big success.

You're a Winner!

Prizes for the tournament were sponsored by Oakwyn Alliances. See the full list of winners below!

Paul Bains

was awarded a Nordstrom Gift Card!
Prize sponsored by Inspect Canada:
David Asselin |

Cam Walker

Prize sponsored by Sherlock Yam of Win Liu Group:

Steven Van Vooght

was awarded a Harry Rosen Gift Card & Fancy Socks!
Prize sponsored by Scotiabank
Davis Liu |
Stephanie Camps |
Brittany Do |
Minh Nguyen |
Lauren Francis |

Sharlene Wark & Vanessa Miller

were awarded a Nordstrom Gift Card!
Prize sponsored by RBC
Tina Saddik |
Ayesha Moghal |

Mark Kol

was awarded with a Donation (in their name) to the Charity of Choice!
Prize sponsored by Alison Setton:

Dan Braun
with a score of 72!

was awarded a Golf Town Gift Card!
Prize sponsored by Jonathan Wong at Marine Landing Notary:

Cam Walker, Scott Wallace, Carson Green & Jamie Wallace
with a team score of 68!

Pride Cocktail Kit from the Dr. Peter AIDS Foundation Event
Oakwyn Swag
Wellness Kit sponsored by Kelvin Ng Insurance:

50/50 WINNER:
Casey Archibald of Xeva Mortgage
generously donated all his winnings of $1,325 to our Featured Charity, I’m a HIPpy!

Episode 75: Open Houses

As Open Houses are now allowed during Phase 3 of BC’s Restart Plan, hosts Morgan Browne and Arlene Chiang discuss tips & tricks on how to host an Open House and meeting prospective clients.

Oakwyn's Guide to Vancouver Pride 2021

Oakwyn will always celebrate the power and individuality of people. We will continue to push towards a world that is inclusive for everyone regardless of their race, sexuality, or gender identity. We work hard every day to make strides towards a society where we all feel safe to be ourselves.

As Vancouver Pride is approaching, we have put together our recommendations for the weekend, along with LGBTQ+ businesses and organizations the Oakwyn community continues to support.

Let the countdown to festivities begin!

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Vancouver Pride 2021 Schedule

Here are all the amazing events taking place for Vancouver Pride 2021 (please note most of the in-person events require tickets/registration):

July 30th

VanPrideFest: Beyond the Binary Picnic

A gathering for Trans*, Enby, Genderqueer, Genderfluid, Agender, and folks outside of the gender binary, their friends and allies.

Stoli Pride Lounge

Book a two-hour time slot with up to five friends and enjoy some lounge-style entertainment including drag artists. Running Friday 30th to Sunday 1st.


TOGETHER AGAIN co-presented by Level Up is a QTBIPOC-CENTRED hip hop dance party with DJs, gogo dancers, and drag performances. The event is for those who identify as Black, and/or Indigenous, and/or people of colour (BIPOC).

July 31st

VanPrideFest: Ace & Aro Prom in the Park

Afternoon prom-theme picnic in Mount Pleasant. Every year, the local Ace and Aro community hosts a prom, in order to provide an alternative for those who don’t feel comfortable at their own proms.

Vizzy Pride Lounge

More lounge-style entertainment including drinks and drag artists! Running Friday 30th to Sunday 1st.

Pride Art Walk

Enjoy a self-guided tour of five public art pieces and murals celebrating queer folks in Vancouver Downtown. Running July 19th to August 3rd

August 1st

Decentralized Pride Parade

Rally your bubble to snap a Pride-parade-worthy pic or video and upload it to Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter using #VanPride for your chance to be featured live in the parade broadcast.

VanPrideFest: Commercial Drag

Co-presented by Sleepy Queers Production. This event takes place in the park and promises an “outrageous Commercial Drag experience”.

VanPrideFest: Pride Picnic

An afternoon picnic offering Pride without the crowds! Featuring live music, drag, and sunshine.

If you’re more comfortable celebrating Vancouver Pride 2021 online, be sure to catch the Pride Livestream, featuring the following events (& more).

Drag Deliveries
Human Rights Panel
VanPride Classroom Series
Posh Ball 2021 – Online Kiki Ball
Pride Summer Series 
Queer History Panel 
Symphonic Pride 

Oakwyn's Pride Organizations

Pride means action! We believe in showing our support, not simply saying it. After the success of the initiative last year, for Vancouver Pride 2021 Oakwyn has again created a line of exclusive Pride-themed Nalgene bottles. Proceeds from these bottles will go to supporting two local charities, Rainbow Refugee part of QMUNITY and Dr. Peter AIDS Foundation.

We will also be purchasing a Pride-themed cocktail kit from our friends at Dr. Peter AIDS Foundation, Oakwyn’s featured charity for the month of August.  The kit will be part of the Grand Prize of our Golf Tournament on July 22nd. Keep your eyes peeled for our next Charity Feature article for more information on this amazing foundation.

Welcome to the Gaybourhood

From bars to brunch spots, Vancouver’s LGBTQ+ neighbourhood is a celebrated part of Vancouver Pride and queer culture and community in general. While we can’t shout out everyone, here is a list of some of our favourite spots. Make sure to support local queer businesses during Vancouver Pride 2021!

Food & Beverage

Enjoy these queer-friendly/queer-owned spots this Vancouver Pride 2021 for drinks, food, and general celebrations.

Joe’s Cafe



The Basic

The Fountainhead Pub

The Junction

The Score

Pumpjack Pub


Support LGBTQ+ and inclusive apparel with the following businesses:

Venus & Mars Clothing

Womyn’s Ware

Peau De Loup

From book shops to barber shops, find more celebrated queer operated/queer friendly businesses below:

Little Sisters Book Store

Awl Together Leather

Big Bro’s Barber Shop

Cmmn Grnd

Pride Podcasting

Oakwynites Casey Archibald from Xeva Mortgage and Catherine Worthy were featured on the BHB Podcast to celebrate Pride month. The pair joined guest host Scott MacArthur of Sportsnet 590, Kyra Wong, and Chris Baker to discuss all things Pride month and celebrating Pride across the mortgage industry.

You can catch up on the podcast below!

Be safe & responsible and enjoy the Pride celebrations!

For more information on any of the organizations or Oakwyn’s involvement, please reach out to us!

Episode 74: with Special Guest Lynn Hughes

Lynn Hughes, Principal at SSDG Interiors Inc., joins hosts Morgan Browne & Arlene Chiang as they reminisce about designing the Oakwyn offices! They also discuss the trials and tribulations of opening a new office, how to find the right team and what it’s like getting into a leadership role.

Episode 73: Parenting in the Real Estate Industry

Shout out to all the hardworking parents out there! Our cohosts, Morgan Browne & Arlene Chiang, discuss what they’ve learned from being mothers while maintaining their businesses and client relationships.


Real Estate Board of Greater Vancouver: June 2021 Statistics Update

At Oakwyn we’re always wanting to present the facts in an engaging way. Every month, one of our agents will unpick current market statistics from the Real Estate Board of Greater Vancouver to help you understand what’s going on in the real estate market and what you should be looking out for.

For June 2021 statistics, we have Oakwyn agent Jeff Appelbe here for his statistics report.

June Cools Down

The past two months have shown a market that’s shifting towards more historically typical conditions. June 2021 statistics show sales have eased back from the record-setting pace of March and April, and are down another 12% from May. However, sales were still 18% above the 10-year average for the month of June. In any other year, sales 18% above the 10-year average would be the headline, but it’s not right now, because we’ve come out of such a crazy phase.

If we look at a few other things, inventory is down 17% across the board, while sales are only down 12%. Sales being down in June is historically normal as well. Typically June is never quite as busy as March, April, May.

Jeff's Key Findings

If we look at the sales to active ratios in a couple of areas, there’s a few things that stand out. June 2021 statistics show the sales to active ratio in East Vancouver is at 53%. 53 homes out of 100 are selling in a month, which is a really strong sales to active ratio. Things are moving, there’s high demand.

If we look at Vancouver West, it’s 26%, it’s about half as strong. That includes Downtown. If we look further at Yaletown, the West End, and Gastown, those are 22%, 19%, and 23%. Those are straddling the balanced market and the seller’s market. So only 20 homes out of 100 are selling in a month. Jeff remains bullish on Downtown in the long-term. “I think it’s a great opportunity to buy still, because we’re not fully opened and that will change,” he concluded.

On the detached side, we have seen a bit more normalization. One area that stands out is North Vancouver. We still have really strong detached demand in North Van and a 45% sales to active ratio. We are having more upward pressure on pricing there.

Mount Pleasant condos are at a 56% sales to active ratio. Kits is at a 71% sales to active ratio. These markets are still moving really quickly. These are central, highly desirable areas, outside of the Downtown core, and that’s the trend we’re seeing there.

Get in Touch!

Work with your Oakwyn agent, work with your trusted real estate advisor, and come up with a plan that makes sense for you in 2021 if you’re thinking about making a move.

To keep up with the latest market statistics and join the conversation, be sure to follow us on Instagram and Twitter, and visit our website.

Episode 72: with Special Guest Michael White

Our hosts, Morgan Browne & Arlene Chiang, are joined by Michael White, the Associate VP of Campus and Community Planning at UBC! They discuss real estate and developments at UBC and what city planning’s role is in the jurisdiction.

Episode 71: Running a Family Business with Arlene Chiang

Arlene Chiang, Oakwyn Co-Founder & C.O.O, joins us in this week’s episode to discuss what it’s like to work with her sibling, host Michael Uy.

Episode 70: with Special Guest Jacqueline Adler

The angelic Jacqueline Adler joins us on our 70th episode! Jackie shares how she was encouraged to take a leap into real estate, getting clients by being authentic and genuine and how she feels empowered when contributing to our community.

Episode 69: How to Start a Podcast

In this episode, host Michael and producer Brayden (the Podfather) discuss how someone can get into podcasting! They discuss what you need to get started and how this format works as a great window to showcase your personality.


Broker Break: FINTRAC Revised Rules

At Oakwyn, we want to make sure we are continuing to provide value and insight within the Real Estate Industry. This includes sharing our knowledge and experience with our community.

For this month Oakwyn Managing Broker, Michelle Adams is here to shed light on new and revised regulatory amendments from the Financial Transactions & Reports Analysis Centre of Canada (FINTRAC).

Read on for Michelle’s advice and get in the know, with Oakwyn.

Business Relationships

Previously, REALTORS® would enter into a business relationship after 2 transactions, however now, a business relationship is created the first time an agent verifies a client’s ID. This means agents need to fill out a new Individual FINTRAC form for every transaction, plus you must fill out Part D (most agents have been filling out Part D anyways). Please also DO NOT use abbreviations for anything- use full names, full occupation titles, and full identification types (eg. write “Driver’s License” instead of “DL”).

Beneficial Ownership

When working with a Corporation/Entity, you now must obtain beneficial ownership information when confirming the existence of an entity and take steps to verify its accuracy. Beneficial owners are individuals who directly or indirectly own or control 25% or more of a corporation or trust.

Ensure you are providing corporate registry documents, completing the corporate FINTRAC, completing the Beneficial Records, providing Source Information, and confirming the signing Authority.

To search for Beneficial Ownership, you can go to the “Land Owner Transparency Registry” on MyLtsa. If your search comes back without any results, take a screenshot of the “no results found” page and save it to your Skyslope file, so that the office has a record that you took measures to search it. You will need the names and addresses of all directors and beneficial owners. In order to verify the accuracy of this information, you will need to request and submit documents to the office such as the Certificate of Incorporation, Notice of Articles, and any document found in number 4 of the “Beneficial Ownership Record” Form.

Politically Exposed Persons (PEP) and Head Of International Organization

Agents must determine and declare if they are working with a PEP or an HIO. A Domestic PEP can be anyone who has held a political position in the last 5 years: such as a Mayor, Judge, or MP etc. A Foreign PEP could have been a Head of State or Government Member. An example of a HIO would be the head of the UN or the World Health Organization. There is a new form to fill out and should you find yourself in this situation, please reach out to a Managing Broker.

Virtual Currency Reporting

REALTORS® must report virtual currency transactions of $10,000 or more to FINTRAC when the funds are received in one or more transactions within a 24 hour period. Oakwyn does not accept transactions done with virtual currency at this time, however, new rules are in place to deal with it.

Record Keeping

Previously, REALTORS® were required to keep records of only certain reports sent to FINTRAC but now REALTORS® are required to keep every report sent to FINTRAC.

Additional Sources

In This Together

We are in this together to improve the real estate industry! Let’s stay on top of what we need to do to continue to lead the way in providing professional, ethical, and excellent service to those we serve.

For more information check out our website, or contact us!

Oakwyn Realty - Broker Series

About our Broker Break series:

These blogs aim to leverage our Managing Brokers’ industry experience into content to better serve our community. Together, we will continue to stand up for the ways in which we can transform the industry, from the inside out.

Episode 68: with Special Guests Ashley Smith & Taylor Biggar

In this week’s episode, get to know power couple Ashley Smith & Taylor Biggar! Ashley & Taylor discuss their leadership roles at the Real Estate Board of Greater Vancouver (REBGV) and the Real Estate Council of BC (RECBC) and the future of this industry.