Ep 85: Mental Health (pt. II)

Continuing the conversation of Mental Health, co-hosts Morgan Browne & Michael Uy share tips on how they cope with stress and anxiety to maintain mental balance.

If you are struggling with mental illness, please visit https://www.healthlinkbc.ca/resources for a list of resources or call 8-1-1 any time of the day, any day of the year.

Ep 84: Mental Health (pt. I)

With Canada’s first Truth & Reconciliation Day, co-hosts Michael Uy & Morgan Browne take on a serious topic and reflect on how mental health has affected their lives and the lives of their loved ones.

If you are struggling with mental illness, please visit https://www.healthlinkbc.ca/resources for a list of resources or call 8-1-1 any time of the day, any day of the year.

Episode 83: To Team or Not To Team

In this episode, Michael and Morgan chat candidly about the benefits and drawbacks of joining a Real Estate team. Tune in to find out how to avoid having your business turn into a Shakespearean tragedy!

Oakwyn on the Pursuit of Growth and Learning

“Oakwyn is built off collaboration and community, the pursuit of growth and learning of one agent doesn’t just improve one but it betters our community as a whole.”
-- Morgan Browne

The pursuit of growth and learning is not just something synonymous with the real estate industry, it is intrinsic to the Oakwyn brand itself. Growth and learning are how we better ourselves and the larger Oakwyn community, and how we continue to better the industry from the inside out.

Oakwyn has several measures in place to support growth and learning for our agents. From Oakwyn University, the Oakwyn Podcast, our blog series, and, more recently, an exciting speaker series, we work hard to make sure our agents have the resources in place to continue leveling up the work they do on a daily basis.

Read on for more information on our learning initiatives and how we are continuing to elevate our standards through education.

Pursue Growth & Learning Seminar with Ryan Serhant

In a very special speaker series, we had American real estate broker Ryan Serhant host a webinar to share insights on how to cultivate a personal brand to explode your success.

“Your personal brand starts on Day 1” says Serhant, and it goes the extra mile to cement who you are as a business person, and as a real estate professional. What you are known for is exactly the toolset you will have to build your business.

Whether it be work ethic, reputation, or clientele, those things trickle upwards to the brokerage group you may be a part of. It’s a reflection on who you are, and even who your employer is by extension.

Determining how you want your brand to be perceived, is something Serhant says is all up to you. “I didn’t want to be known for cheap rentals” added Serhant, and so that is precisely what he avoided. To combat his imposter syndrome stemming from a lack of experience, Serhant says he prioritized personal brand and preparation. “I will be the best real estate agent in the world,” Serhant told himself.

You have the power to create the person you want the world to see,” says Serhant. “You can’t change your circumstances, but you can change your energy.”

As for immediate first steps, Serhant suggests an “Energy Audit” to get a better understanding of how you come across. The first thing to do is to find “someone who will be honest with you about how you come off,” says Serhant. Asking them to “describe me without using my name,” can help obtain a clear idea of what kind of energy you are putting out into the world.

Once you have determined your current energy, it’s important to define what it is you wish to be identified as. Is what you’re putting out currently aligned to your ideal version of how you’re perceived? Discover the core identity you wish to be known for. After your name, and where you might work or what you might do for a living, there will be an “AND” that they use to briefly explain your personality.

“Ask yourself, what is the AND that would be authentic to you? Something that feels natural to you and you’ll never tire of talking about,” said Serhant.

Your personal brand can be built around anything, as long as it is something you can own, define, and feel proud to be represented by. Find what makes you memorable, and lean into it. Take the temperature now, and plan for the future. The greatest key to success is often boiled down to how you are perceived.

“I write down on paper who I want to be in two years because a year from now is too fast, but two years gives me a year to plan and a year to put it into action,” added Serhant. Our future is the only thing we can change, and something we can truly depend upon. “The biggest deal you’ve ever done, you haven’t even done it yet. The biggest client you’ve ever had, you haven’t even met them yet.

To conclude his inspiring talk, the best advice Serhant shared was to “act like you deserve it”, because eventually, you will feel like you actually do. Because you won’t believe the trickle-down effect that comes from a mindset like that.

For more from Ryan Serhant, find him online, and on social media.

Oakwyn University

Back for a brand new semester, Oakwyn University is back in session! Our Oakwyn University offers our agents structured foundational learning from the moment they join the brokerage. The 12 segment real estate 101 program is taught bi-weekly by Oakwyn partners and Managing Brokers and was founded the moment Oakwyn opened its doors. The course offers our agents the chance to immediately break away from the pack with functional, practical knowledge of how to truly excel in real estate.

We have also recently piloted Oakwyn Prep School to exist as a precursor to Oakwyn University. This more foundational course is designed to fill in the gaps for brand new agents, providing the building blocks, mentors, and support they’ll need before they enroll in Oakwyn University.

Oakwyn Podcast

Morgan Browne and Michael Uy launched the Oakwyn podcast in 2020 in response to a number of requests for more conversational and educational discourse around real estate, the lifestyle that comes with it, and tips and tricks for realtors in Vancouver. The two are often joined by guests from the Oakwyn community and beyond and record weekly episodes that provide a valuable resource and easy listening for our community.

Broker Break Blog Series

Each month we release an educational blog brought to you by one of our Managing Brokers to discuss timely topics in the real estate industry. From covering the recent FINTRAC revised rules to how to navigate multiple offers to unpacking RECBC’s Administrative Penalty Guidelines. The blog series aims to leverage the knowledge, insight, and experience of our Managing Brokers, into accessible and insightful thought pieces that anyone can have access to.

To see more of our efforts in the pursuit of growth and learning, check out our Instagram page where we have premiered a bold new look and feel to usher in real estate’s busiest time of year. As always, if you have any questions about any of our initiatives in place, reach out to us!

Episode 82: Renovations

Our new office in the North Shore is opening VERY soon! In the meantime, listen to our hosts, Morgan Browne & Michael Uy, talk about all things renovations and what upgrades will increase the value of a home. Bonus: catch a glimpse of Michael’s musical talent!

Episode 81: Role Models

With the announcement of Oakwyn’s Pursue Growth & Learning Seminar with Ryan Serhant, successful real estate agent in NYC and star of multiple TV shows, hosts Morgan Browne and Michael Uy talk about role models and how they can shape your values and behaviours.


Real Estate Board of Greater Vancouver: August 2021 Statistics Update

At Oakwyn we’re always wanting to present the facts in an engaging way. Every month, one of our agents will unpick current market statistics from the Real Estate Board of Greater Vancouver to help you understand what’s going on in the real estate market and what you should be looking out for.

For August’s statistics report, we have Jeff Appelbe here to detail another intriguing month. Read on for his insight into the slowing August market.

Inventory Levels Are Low

The key to what’s happening in the market right now is tied directly into the inventory levels across the region. The Bank of Canada is going to keep its key interest rates steady, and this is going to perpetuate the buyer demand. Which in turn, is affecting the inventory levels.

This dip in inventory is far more pronounced when you look outside of the city. Inside Vancouver and the North Shore, we see a bit more availability, however, inventory levels are at varying levels of “low” in and around the Lower Mainland.

August, is a tough month to use as a bellwether. Fatigue has set in, from the early 2021 influx,  and the markets are still reflecting the coming out of lockdown. The bottom line is; the market remains strong.

Jeff's Key Observations

With the Federal Election coming up, there has been a lot of talk about housing. However, no major changes are expected as a result. We are going to see the market continue to be really good for sellers, and buyer demand is going to continue to be strong.

Price growth will level off. We will not see the 20% to 25% increase that we’ve seen over the last year. That is due to a steady interest rate for the past eighteen months.

Next month we are going to see a nice bump in inventory. September and maybe the first little bit of October will climb, before teetering off into the fall and winter months. Making this next little window a great opportunity for buyers.

Get in Touch!

Work with your Oakwyn agent, work with your trusted real estate advisor, and come up with a plan that makes sense for you in 2021 if you’re thinking about making a move.

To keep up with the latest market statistics and join the conversation, be sure to follow us on Instagram and Twitter, and visit our website.

Episode 80: Housing Policies in Politics

With the upcoming Federal Election coming up, hosts Morgan Browne and Michael Uy discuss each political party’s housing policy and the ways to make an informative decision before you vote on September 20th! Tune in to also hear their recent BC getaways, parenting styles, and ways to stay grounded.

Episode 79: with Special Guest Joe Lloyd

With the opening of our new North Shore office coming soon, hosts Morgan Browne and Michael Uy sit down with our incredible and seasoned Managing Broker, Joe Lloyd! They discuss Joe’s start in the real estate market and the changes in the industry over the past few decades.

Oakwyn's Charity Feature: The Dr. Peter Centre

From our WOO Scholarship to Oakwyn’s annual kindness challenge, Oakwynites are passionate about giving back to the community and using our platform to lift up others.

Starting June with I’m a HIPpy, Oakwyn launched a new charity series that aims to give back to causes close to Oakwynites’ hearts. Inspired by the sheer generosity we’re seeing throughout the Oakwyn community, we hope to instigate positive change with Oakwyn’s Charity Feature.

Our Feature Charity until September 30th is The Dr. Peter Centre, an organization that works to provide Comfort Care for people living with HIV.

Giving Back

The initiative aims to spotlight charities that have significance to members of the Oakwyn community. Every two months an Oakwynite will get to select the charity they wish to be Oakwyn’s Charity Feature and we will use our platform to generate awareness and funds for the chosen charity. Oakwyn has always been passionate about giving back and supporting community, and this initiative is a great way for Oakwyn to not only support those in need financially but elevate that support by providing a platform to causes that may not have access to a large network.

As realtors, we are privileged to work in a prosperous industry. It is our responsibility to make sure we are prioritizing giving back and the ways we can use our business acumen, marketing expertise, and community to help spread awareness for important causes.



For our second featured charity, Oakwynite Sid Koshul has chosen The Dr. Peter Centre, of which he has been a long-time supporter. The centre provides healthy meals, counselling, therapies, nursing, and a safe place for peer socialization and support. This integrated model of care engages individuals in their health care, improving adherence to treatment and creates a better future for those living with HIV/AIDS.

“The Dr. Peter Centre is especially important to me because a few years ago I was able to attend an in-person event that the centre was hosting where I was able to hear from a young man named Eduardo, who spoke to the guests about what a major impact the centre had had on his life. He was living with HIV/AIDS and unfortunately, we did lose Eduardo earlier this year. But thankfully, he did have so many that loved and cared for him at the centre to make things a little bit easier on him throughout the final stages of his life.”

You can find more information about the organization and the ways to donate, here.

We are so excited for this worthwhile initiative and cannot wait to see the positive impact Oakwynites can have on local charities close to our hearts.

For more information on this months’ featured charity, visit their website. You can keep up with our charity feature on our Facebook, and Instagram.

Episode 78: How to Oak-WIN More Listings

Gearing up for a busy listing market in the fall season, co-hosts Michael Uy & Morgan Browne discuss key points you need to hit for a listing presentation, including what to add to your Seller’s Guide.

Episode 77: with Special Guest Nomi Malik

Long-time Oakwynite, Nomi Malik, joins our co-hosts, Michael Uy & Morgan Browne, on this week’s episode! They discuss focusing and thriving in a certain area, client relationships, and anchoring who you are into the things that are real.