For the third year running, Oakwyn is dedicating the month of November to our annual Oakwyn Kindness Challenge, an initiative that aims to celebrate and bolster generosity through small acts of kindness from the Oakwyn team to their communities.

The challenge calls on Oakwynites to participate in acts of goodwill and charity to spread kindness throughout the city – and in a year with so many incomparable ups and downs, it feels more pressing than ever.

Keep your eyes open for our agents’ acts of kindness in and around Vancouver and on social media! #OakwynKindness

Put People First

At the heart of the Oakwyn Kindness Challenge is our commitment and value to “Put People First”. This core value speaks volumes to the work we do at Oakwyn and the values that shape who we are and what we do.

The Oakwyn Kindness Challenge epitomizes our desire to put people first and participate in making the community a better place. This, and our unwavering commitment to Oakwyn and everything it represents, is helping us transform the industry from the inside out.

Together We Can

To kick off this important challenge, Oakwyn President & co-founder Morgan Browne hosted a webinar with Together We Can, a charity whose mission is to educate and support individuals and families who struggle with the challenges of addiction.

Morgan, along with Alex Lekei, Samantha Armstrong, and Courtney Nichols from Together We Can, use the webinar to shine a light on the homelessness crisis in Vancouver and learn of the ways we, as a community and individually, can help those struggling with homelessness or addiction.

“It takes one person to say, ‘we believe in you, you are worth more than this, let’s help you recapture who you were before, and let’s show you the way.’” Alex Lekei, Together We Can.

The revealing and essential webinar is linked below.

Coming Up...

Morgan’s act of kindness begins what is set to be an unforgettable month of generous giving, learning, and a coming together of the Oakwyn community and beyond. Morgan tagged Arlene Chiang, Michael Uy, and the Oakwyn Encore office. We cannot wait to see what they have up their generous sleeves for their portion of the Oakwyn Kindness Challenge.

Week One

November 2nd-8th

Starting With a Bang!

The Oakwyn Kindness Challenge kicked off with a great first week!

For week one we totaled 14 agents who took on the challenge and performed acts of kindness in their communities, and we’re just getting started!


Week Two

November 9th-15th

Snowballing Kindness!

The Oakwyn Kindness Challenge continued with a record-breaking second week!

Week two we are nearing 40 agents who have taken on the challenge and have spread kindness in their communities.


Week Three

November 16th-23rd

Entering the Final Stretch!

The Oakwyn Kindness Challenge continues to break last year’s tallies with another fabulous week for kindness!

Week three and we have passed 50 agents who have taken on the challenge and spread kindness in their communities so far. We’re starting strong for the final week – let’s do this!


  • Jenny Wun, Jeff Appelbe, Alfred Tse, Elizabeth Uy, Siya Herman, Alan Calimbas, Eric Grant, Jon Samuel, Val Brennan, Toby Daza, Samantha Trifunovich and our Downtown Mortgage Broker Casey Archibald all participated this week!
  • Some of the charities donated to include: WISH Drop-In Centre,  Greater Vancouver Food Bank, Richmond RCMP Food Drive, Vancouver Ocean Wise, and BC SPCA.
  • The finish line is in sight and we cannot wait to take kindness and generosity to new heights in this final push!
  • You can keep up with our agents’ acts of kindness and more on the Kindness Challenge 2020 highlight reel on our Instagram.

November 23rd-30th

Wrapping Up the Oakwyn Kindness Challenge 2020

The Oakwyn Kindness Challenge wraps up with another hugely successful week for kindness around the city!

Our final tallies surpass the 2019 challenge and we are so thankful to the 50+ agents who have taken on the challenge and spread kindness in their communities. Thank you for helping spread generosity to the people who need it most.


  • Sharlene Wark, Vanessa Miller, Ben Loyal, Joanne Jonathon, Brigid Wong, Kevin Chen, Val Brennan, Lauren Lawson, and Tory Haakstad all took on the challenge this past week!
  • Some of the charities donated to include: Stocking Stuffers for seniors, Metro Kids Society, North Shore Family Services, and Saints Rescue.
  • We couldn’t be prouder of the work our agents have done this month!
  • You can catch up with all our agents’ acts of kindness and more on the Kindness Challenge 2020 highlight reel on our Instagram.

From small to large acts of kindness, our agents did a brilliant and selfless job of transforming the lives of those who need it most. For everyone who took on the challenge, or donated in some way – Thank you!