Episode 38: With Exclusive Vancouver's Mary Porohowski & Ken Leong

In our 38th episode, we have two special guests, Michael & Morgan’s real estate agent crushes Mary Porohowski & Ken Leong! Sit back and listen to how Mary & Ken teamed up, their careers in project sales & the importance of doing the right thing!


Real Estate Board of Greater Vancouver: October 2020 Statistics Update

At Oakwyn we’re always wanting to present the facts in an engaging way. Every month, one of our agents will unpick current market statistics from the Real Estate Board of Greater Vancouver to help you understand what’s going on in the real estate market and what you should be looking out for.

For October’s statistics report, we have Oakwyn agents, Ryan Dash and Dan Wurtele here to detail another record-breaking month. Read on for their insight into this surprising October market.

A Big October

Following the record-breaking month of September, October is a close second. The last time Dash and Wurtele note seeing volumes like this was back in 2009 after the recession. Volumes were up 29% from a year ago today and that pushes us to 35% above the 10 year average. 

When you look at inventory levels and the fact that we only have about three and a half months of supply on hand, that pushes the sales to listing ratio in a seller’s market for all asset classes. Your average home price right now is $1,045,000 and that’s up about 6% from last year.

Average sale price also hit an all-time high at $1,113,000 and median sales price also found an all-time high at $846,000.

Dash and Wurtele's Key Observations

Firstly, the detached market is the tightest we’ve seen it since 2016. With 30% of all detached homes in the month of October selling above their list price. Detached are the most in-demand, sitting at $1,524,000. That’s up about 8.5% from last year.

Secondly, the average townhouse price is now $813,000. That’s up about 5.3% from last year.

Thirdly, the average condo price today is $684,000, up about 4.3% from last October.

There is a divergence in pricing going on also. There’s a high supply of condos in the marketplace and as such, since about March, we’ve seen condo prices slip by about $6,500. Whereas conversely, townhomes are up by about $23,000 and detached up by $82,000.

Lastly, confidence in the luxury market is increasing. We’ve seen 35 homes around the 5 million dollar mark sold in the month of October with an additional 4 over 8 million.

Get in Touch!

As always, we’d love to get your take on this. Comment and let us know if these trends and observations are something you’re seeing with your buyers and sellers as well.

Get in touch if you want to know specifically about any areas, property types, or trends that you can take advantage of.

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Episode 37: Dealing With Difficult Clients

In our 37th episode, we discuss the challenging topic of dealing with difficult clients. Our hosts give us their learned tips and tricks for vetting clients, setting up expectations, and building confidence.

Episode 36: With Special Guest Steve Saretsky

In this episode, we have a special guest, Oakwynite Steve Saretsky! Our hosts discuss with Steve his experiences on communicating publicly & building a strong digital presence.

Oakwyn Presents: The 2020 Kindness Challenge

For the third year running, Oakwyn is dedicating the month of November to our annual Oakwyn Kindness Challenge, an initiative that aims to celebrate and bolster generosity through small acts of kindness from the Oakwyn team to their communities.

The challenge calls on Oakwynites to participate in acts of goodwill and charity to spread kindness throughout the city – and in a year with so many incomparable ups and downs, it feels more pressing than ever.

Keep your eyes open for our agents’ acts of kindness in and around Vancouver and on social media! #OakwynKindness

Put People First

At the heart of the Oakwyn Kindness Challenge is our commitment and value to “Put People First”. This core value speaks volumes to the work we do at Oakwyn and the values that shape who we are and what we do.

The Oakwyn Kindness Challenge epitomizes our desire to put people first and participate in making the community a better place. This, and our unwavering commitment to Oakwyn and everything it represents, is helping us transform the industry from the inside out.

Together We Can

To kick off this important challenge, Oakwyn President & co-founder Morgan Browne hosted a webinar with Together We Can, a charity whose mission is to educate and support individuals and families who struggle with the challenges of addiction.

Morgan, along with Alex Lekei, Samantha Armstrong, and Courtney Nichols from Together We Can, use the webinar to shine a light on the homelessness crisis in Vancouver and learn of the ways we, as a community and individually, can help those struggling with homelessness or addiction.

“It takes one person to say, ‘we believe in you, you are worth more than this, let’s help you recapture who you were before, and let’s show you the way.’” Alex Lekei, Together We Can.

The revealing and essential webinar is linked below.

Coming Up...

Morgan’s act of kindness begins what is set to be an unforgettable month of generous giving, learning, and a coming together of the Oakwyn community and beyond. Morgan tagged Arlene Chiang, Michael Uy, and the Oakwyn Encore office. We cannot wait to see what they have up their generous sleeves for their portion of the Oakwyn Kindness Challenge.

Week One

November 2nd-8th

Starting With a Bang!

The Oakwyn Kindness Challenge kicked off with a great first week!

For week one we totaled 14 agents who took on the challenge and performed acts of kindness in their communities, and we’re just getting started!


Week Two

November 9th-15th

Snowballing Kindness!

The Oakwyn Kindness Challenge continued with a record-breaking second week!

Week two we are nearing 40 agents who have taken on the challenge and have spread kindness in their communities.


Make sure you check back next week to see how the challenge is going and, above all – be kind.

Episode 35: How to Scale Your Business

In our 35th episode, our hosts tackle the topic of scaling your business. Sit back and listen to Morgan & Michael’s tips for how to take your business to that next level through delegation, measurements, organization, and using your resources to maximize your efforts.

Episode 34: New Agent FAQs

After ten plus years in the real estate biz, Morgan & Michael have learned so much from both their own careers and from mentoring countless other new agents. Here are some of the top Rookie FAQs they’ve gathered over the years!

Oakwyn's Neighbourhood Guide: The North Shore

At Oakwyn, living and working in Vancouver and surrounding areas is something we cherish and celebrate every day. Which is why we wanted to put together our North Shore recommendations, so you can live life to the full, the Oakwyn way.

Five North Shore local Oakwynites, who have a deep understanding of North Shore culture and lifestyle, have put together their top North Shore recommendations, and you can explore them for yourself this weekend.

If you’re new to the area, a long-standing local looking to branch out, or a happy visitor – don’t miss our top spots.

There is lots to do on the North Shore with Oakwyn.

Restaurants & Bars

Dining out might look a little different this year, but it is no less of a necessity for all the foodies out there. With the majority of restaurants offering takeout and dine in, there are plenty of options for diners in and around the North Shore.

The North Shore has a host of delectable offerings, and luckily our team of experts is happy to share their favourite North Shore recommendations with you!

Scratch Kitchen

“Scratch Kitchen is a little hidden gem that most residents closer to the Cove know. They only use fresh, locally sourced ingredients and are known for their unique artisan pizzas & more. They also cater to plant lovers and have lots of flavourful options available. Furthermore, they support local craft breweries and BC wines that pair perfectly with their seasonal menu.”

Julia Beeger

Douce Kitchen

“Our new go to spot for THE BEST fried chicken dinner is Douce Diner at 1490 Pemberton Ave. My family loves their chicken and biscuits and whenever my wife and I suggest it for dinner it always gets a resounding “yes” from the kids. You can order it online and they do curbside pickup. The chicken and waffle breakfast is also a must have.”

Gavin Hughes

Lift Breakfast Bakery

“I strongly recommend Lift Breakfast Bakery – Great coffee and pastries as well as a very nice dinner menu. The baking is what makes this place special. Whether I grab a milk loaf to take home or pop in for a nice dinner, it has always been exceptional. Lately my lunch favourite has been the ‘Cut Chicken club’ and for dinner the ‘Fungi’.”

Paul Fraser

Farina a Legna

“Farina a Legna is incredible. Chef Alex (Alessandro Vianello) is the exec chef and created an amazing casual and intimate Italian menu experience all catered around a wood-fired oven. Go enjoy the house-made bread, pastas, and pizzas. My favourite drink is the bicicletta or the spritz. Having dinner here is always a great evening out.”

Brian Young

Seaside Provisions

“I love Seaside Provisions at the new Seaside Hotel in the Shipyards. It’s a little secret hideaway, small, beautiful room in a boutique hotel with the most amazing food and the delicious cocktails. Chris, who runs the bar, has some beautiful and inventive creations. Currently, I’m obsessed with his Bourbon sours. They are so delicate and perfect. Everything on their food menu has been outstanding as well. We usually start with Kushi oysters, and some of my obsessions there are the grilled calamari, tuna poke cigar, wagyu appetizer and halibut if they have it on the menu.”

Bernadette Dunnigan

Local Businesses

Whether it’s a local coffee shop, florist, deli, or general store, supporting local is paramount to creating community, one of our core values, and is even more important this year. When in doubt, support local!

For inspiration on North Shore recommendations and favourites, here are our agents’ top spots.

United Strangers

“United Strangers are a new locally-owned coffee shop located off of the Seymour Parkway. They have wonderful caffeinated beverages, artisanal pastries & delicious vegan ice cream squares (I am not a vegan, but they are delicious!). They are a wonderful addition to the Blueridge community and they also support many local & Canadian businesses by featuring their various products in their shop. In a rush – not a problem, because they now have online ordering!”

Julia Beeger

The Corner Stone Bistro

“The Corner Stone Bistro in Pemberton Heights located at 1096 W22nd is a true hidden gem of the North Shore. If you’re looking for a delicious latte in the morning, or you want a gourmet meal on the patio at night with a cold beverage, the Corner Stone has it all. The Corner Stone also serves as a neighborhood hub and meeting place and if you ask anybody who’s been there they will tell you just how special this place is. Try their great selection of gourmet frozen foods when you’re too tired to make dinner.”

Gavin Hughes

Blitz Auto Spa

“Blitz Auto Spa has been a regular visit for me over the past few years. I love cars and so do they. I like their attention to detail and they are consistent in their service and punctuality.”

Paul Fraser

Room 6

“Megan who owns the shop is a long-time Deep Cove local and advocate in the community. She worked to limit the number of tour bus companies that can drive to the Cove as well as eliminating single-use plastic bags for all local shops in the Cove. Room 6 is often where I can find great house warming gifts for my amazing clients. They have an excellent selection of children’s books, handmade ceramic planting pots as well as mugs. Megan is also working to turn the store into a non-profit. Next time you go hike Quarry Rock, grab a donut from Honey’s and walk down to Room 6 and you won’t be disappointed.”

Brian Young


“Still on the topic of food, I love Buddha-ful, which is vegan organic food. Smoothies and their bowls are exactly what I crave after working out.”

Bernadette Dunnigan

Experiences & Activities

Few skylines can compete with the North Shores’ six peaks – Black, Strachan, Hollyburn, Grouse, Fromme, and Seymour Mountains, make it one of the most beautiful spots in all of Vancouver. Due to its rugged terrain, the North Shore has no lack of outdoor activities.

Hear from our agents on their North Shore recommendations below (and pray for a sunny weekend because it’s going to make you crave an adventure!).

Boating up the Indian Arm

“I like to cruise slow and admire all the beautiful boat access homes before beelining it to Granit Falls. It’s truly an experience to see the raging waterfall up close. No boat? No problem, Deep Cove Marina rents pontoon boats, so you too can experience beautiful BC from the water.”

Julia beeger

Murdo Frazer Park

“Located just off the highway in North Vancouver, Murdo Frazer Park has 6 newly surfaced tennis courts and pickle ball courts now too. These hidden courts are mostly known by locals and are tucked away in a beautiful park like setting. My wife and I have been playing there for years and are always love playing in the summer as some of the courts are hidden from the sun. We’ve even managed to drag our teenage son with us a couple of times.”

Gavin Hughes

Shipyards Night Market

“When we first moved over to Lower Lonsdale from downtown we were pleasantly surprised by the night market. We looked forward to it every week during the spring and summer. The food trucks all parked right down on the water, some tacos, a lemonade and maybe a pocket pie to finish, perfect! It was routine for us.”

Paul Fraser

Hiking St. Mark’s Summit

“A very scenic 11km hike from the top of Cypress Mountain parking lot. Dog friendly and if you have friends in from out of town they won’t believe the view! Overlooking Bowen, Gambier, and Gibsons on the Sunshine Coast. I could also go on and on about the mountain biking, gravel riding, and road riding we love to do all over the North Shore… we currently have 14 bikes hanging in the garage!”

Brian Young

Capilano Fish Hatchery

“You can walk into the Capilano Fish Hatchery to see Salmon rush up the fish ladders and it’s especially cool during the salmon runs. It’s quite amazing to see. We took our kids there all the time when they were younger and they loved it.”

Bernadette Dunnigan

There you have it, our tips on how to maximize living or visiting the North Shore and making the most of all the wonderful things it has to offer. You’re never far away from an adventure, with Oakwyn.

For more information on the North Shore, or to talk to one of our agents, contact us!

THANK YOU to Julia Beeger, Gavin Hughes, Paul Fraser, Brian Young, and Bernadette Dunnigan for their thoughtful suggestions!

Episode 33: How to Stay Motivated

In our 33rd episode, Morgan & Michael delve into one of the most important, but sometimes hardest parts of being an entrepreneur, staying motivated! Our hosts break down the elements to set you up to consistently stay driven to succeed!


Real Estate Board of Greater Vancouver: September 2020 Statistics Update

At Oakwyn we’re always wanting to present the facts in an engaging way. Every month, one of our agents will unpick current market statistics from the Real Estate Board of Greater Vancouver to help you understand what’s going on in the real estate market and what you should be looking out for.

For September’s statistics report, we have Oakwyn agent, Jeff Appelbe here to add a little bit of clarity to the real estate market. Read on to have Jeff enlighten you on the September market.

An Unstoppable September

September 2020 sales were 45% above the 10 year average for the month. This has been the busiest September on record. Due to COVID slowing the market earlier in the year, we’re seeing a spring market happening late. Usually, March, April, and May are the busiest months of the year and those would have, in a typical year, more sales than we just had this September yet it was still a “super hot September”, according to Jeff.

Jeff's Key Observations

Firstly, buyer demand and needs have changed substantially. Many people that lived downtown or who previously sacrificed space to live close to all the action, are suddenly now working at home, and are craving more space. People are looking for more space so they’re moving into East Vancouver, the Tri-cities, or elsewhere in BC where they can buy a home.

Secondly, the other main factor is interest rates. They are extremely low right now. Interest rates haven’t been as low really ever before. In a reaction to the sputtering economy post COVID, the Bank of Canada lowered interest rates in an attempt to boost the economy. Buyers can currently get a 5-year variable mortgage for 1.75%, which last year was around 3.3%. The affordability difference in just this 12 month period is substantial.

Finally, we’re seeing condo sales in Kitsilano and Mount Pleasant as two of the busier areas which are selling really well. We’re seeing a move out of condos in 30 story towers into lower density condo areas, maybe with a little bit more space, and a little older as well. Additionally, Yaletown, downtown, the financial district, and Gastown, are going against the trend in most other areas and we’re actually seeing softening prices there.

Get in Touch!

As always, we’d love to get your take on this. Comment and let us know if these trends and observations are something you’re seeing with your buyers and sellers as well.

Get in touch if you want to know specifically about any areas, property types, or trends that you can take advantage of.

To keep up with the latest market statistics and join the conversation, be sure to follow us on Instagram and Twitter, and visit our website.

Episode 32: Referrals

In our 32nd episode, Morgan & Michael dive deep into the incredible method of compounding leads through Referrals. Our hosts discuss all the tips and tricks they’ve learned to help incentify referrals & generate business.

Episode 30: Goal Setting

In this episode, we start with a life update on Michael’s wedding! The episode then goes on to something very important to our hosts, Goal Setting! They discuss their own experiences with goal setting and break down the elements to set someone up for successfully setting goals.