From our recent WOO Scholarship to Oakwyn’s annual kindness challenge, Oakwynites are passionate about giving back to the community and using our platform to lift up others.

Starting June, Oakwyn will be launching a new charity series that aims to give back to causes close to Oakwynites’ hearts. Inspired by the sheer generosity we’re seeing throughout the Oakwyn community, we hope to instigate positive change with Oakwyn’s Charity Feature.

Our first featured charity is I’m a HIPpy! Read on for more information and the ways to donate to this worthwhile cause.

Giving Back

The initiative aims to spotlight charities that have significance to members of the Oakwyn community. Every two months an Oakwynite will get to select the charity they wish to be Oakwyn’s Charity Feature and we will use our platform to generate awareness and funds for the chosen charity. Oakwyn has always been passionate about giving back and supporting community, and this initiative is a great way for Oakwyn to not only support those in need financially but elevate that support by providing a platform to causes that may not have access to a large network.

As realtors, we are privileged to work in a prosperous industry. It is our responsibility to make sure we are prioritizing giving back and the ways we can use our business acumen, marketing expertise, and community to help spread awareness for important causes.



For our first featured charity, Oakwynite Wenda Tseng has chosen I’m a HIPpy. I’m a HIPpy is an organization that works to improve hip health, mobility, and quality of life in children with hip dysplasia and other hip disorders. Hip dysplasia is the most common childhood hip disorder affecting 1-3% of all infants. If it is detected and properly diagnosed within the first three months of a baby’s life, the likelihood of complications and surgeries later on in life significantly diminishes. By supporting research, innovation, and education initiatives, I’m A HIPpy aims to raise awareness, and improve the care and outcomes for children with Hip Dysplasia and other hip disorders.

Wenda chose this charity as it is a cause very close to her heart. Wenda was born with hip dysplasia, however, due to the lack of proper screening and investigation, was sadly not diagnosed until she was 24 years old. The condition has affected Wenda’s ability to enjoy even the smallest of activities and has had a huge impact on her quality of life overall. It is her mission to raise awareness for this charity to ensure no other children have to suffer in silence. Since becoming a parent, she is even more passionate about raising the standards of education around caring for, and identifying, hip dysplasia in young children.

“I am sharing my story so that everyone can understand that hip dysplasia is real, and if undetected, it has a significant impact on a child and even an adult’s life.”

You can find more information about the organisation and the ways to donate, here*.

*Donations on this page can be made until July 30th and all funds will go directly to the foundation. Tax receipts will be issued by the BC Children’s Hospital.

We are so excited for this worthwhile initiative and cannot wait to see the positive impact Oakwynites can have on local charities close to our hearts.

For more information on this months’ featured charity, visit their website. You can keep up with our charity feature on our Facebook, and Instagram.