From our WOO Scholarship to Oakwyn’s annual kindness challenge, Oakwynites are passionate about giving back to the community and using our platform and privilege to help others.

Inspired by the sheer generosity we’re seeing throughout the Oakwyn community, we hope to instigate positive change with Oakwyn’s Charity Feature.

Our Feature Charity until November 30th is The Canadian Blood Services, an organization that works to provide a lifeline for people in Canada in need of blood.

Giving Back

The initiative aims to spotlight charities that have significance to members of the Oakwyn community. Every two months an Oakwynite will get to select the charity they wish to be Oakwyn’s Charity Feature and we will use our platform to generate awareness and funds for the chosen charity. Oakwyn has always been passionate about giving back and supporting community, and this initiative is a great way for Oakwyn to not only support those in need financially but elevate that support by providing a platform to causes that may not have access to a large network.

As realtors, we are privileged to work in a prosperous industry. It is our responsibility to make sure we are prioritizing giving back and the ways we can use our business acumen, marketing expertise, and community to help spread awareness for important causes.

Canada Blood Services Logo

An hour of your time could change someone’s life

With this feature charity, we will be doing things a little differently and encouraging donations of a different kind.

Our featured charity, the Canadian Blood Services, is near and dear to the heart of Oakwynite Alaina Burnett, a 52-time donator. “It’s an excellent way to give of yourself, without writing a check and wondering where that money goes,” says Burnett.

Canadian Blood Services is a not-for-profit charitable organization that operates with a national scope, infrastructure and governance that make it unique within Canadian healthcare. As a blood donor, you are the lifeline to many Canadians in need of blood in both dire and healthier-living circumstances. It truly aids in so many disastrous and emergency situations involving accidents and injuries, cancer treatments, and so much more.

It is with great humbleness and privilege that our team donated by the dozens to ensure a safer and more healthy Canada. Oakwynites that have donated alongside Alaina Burnett include Cam Walker, Jason Youn, Haley MacDougall, Voy Wong, Ida Federico, Jenny Wun, Moe Pourtaghi, Mike Kowbel, Shauna Ocean, Tiffany Wan, and Madeleine Konst.

People can still add themselves to the Oakwyn Realty team on so if they do donate blood later this year, their donations can count towards our pledge. At the moment, we have 19 donations so far this year!

Please note: If you have taken the eligibility quiz and are unable to donate blood at the Centre, you can possibly still donate for research at the Centre of Innovation at UBC – more info here.

We are so excited for this worthwhile initiative and cannot wait to see the positive impact Oakwynites can have on local charities close to our hearts. For more information on this months’ featured charity, visit their website. You can keep up with our charity feature on our Facebook, and Instagram.