Episode 26: Tips on Working with First-Time Home Buyers

This week our hosts are talking about First-Time Home Buyers! Sit back and learn Morgan & Michael’s system for working with First-Time Home Buyers and what makes them unique from working with experienced buyers.

Episode 25: Fixed Versus Growth Mindset

In this week’s episode, we discuss the differences between a fixed and growth mindset. Our hosts delve into the game-changing elements of how to unlock a fixed mindset and turn it into a growth mindset.

Episode 24: Special guests, the hosts of Vancouver Real Estate Podcast, Adam & Matt Scalena

In today’s episode, we have the “Pod-Fathers”! Adam & Matt Scalena, the hosts of the very successful Vancouver Real Estate Podcast! This laugh-filled episode discusses the brothers’ journey in podcasting & their experiences along the way in real estate & life.

Episode 23: Socioeconomic Trends of the Millennials & How to Work with Them

This episode opens with an update on how everyone is doing & some lessons coming through from COVID-19. Our hosts then move on to a socioeconomic discussion on millennial trends & the power of technology in business.

There’s also a new section called 3 key takeaways, for this week we give 3 key takeaways for communicating with millennials!


Out in Our Community with Xeva Mortgage's Casey Archibald

Pride is all about people! This year, supporting our communities and making time to highlight diversity is more important than ever.

To Celebrate Pride 2020, Oakwyn teamed up with Xeva Mortgage’s Casey Archibald to highlight six Vancouver LGBTQIA+ run businesses.

Check out the full range of videos on our Youtube channel and read on below to find out more about these amazing local businesses.


Casey and Oakwyn Agent Donovan Pagtakhan stopped by MASC at 433 Davie Street to meet co-founder and co-owner, Patrick Levesque.

Together with his business partner Jamie Beuthin, Patrick is proud to be bringing the very best skincare and grooming products to their customers since 2007!

Check out Donovan and Casey’s interview with Patrick at MASC as they discuss how Patrick likes to celebrate Pride, the history of the LGBTQIA+ rights movement, and, of course, the must-haves for Pride 2020!



What better way to get out and enjoy summer than on a bike! Join Oakwyn Managing Broker Shelly Smee and Casey as they spin on over to Sidesaddle Bikes to meet owners Andrea Smith and Marie Geneviève Lane!

If you are in the market to purchase a new bike, Andrew tells us about their inventory: road bikes, custom cargo, flat bar, and even e-bikes! Marie Geneviève speaks to how they like to celebrate Pride with their chosen family, which for sure includes their pup Rudy, who may even make a cameo in the video!

Little Sisters

Erik Carlson, Oakwyn Agent and Family Man, along with Casey stop in at Little Sisters Book & Art Emporium, where they meet with current owner Don Wilson.

Don has owned and operated Little Sisters since 2016. He purchased Little Sisters after the untimely passing of Vancouver LGBTQIA+ activist, and former owner, Jim Deva. Jim founded Little Sisters in 1983. Together with his partner, Bruce Smyth, and their long-time friend and store manager Janine Fuller, they brought gay and lesbian literature to Canadians for over 30 years! Don has carried on Jim’s work and kept the namesake, a true staple on Davie Street in Vancouver.


It’s phase three of re-opening safely in BC, and one of the most fabulous queer-friendly hot spots in Vancouver is welcoming back their loyal customers to their Davie Street location, where the address doubles as their name: 1181!

Check out Oakwyn’s latest Pride Video where Oakwyn Agent Jovy Desepeda and Casey as they pop in for one of their favourite Pride-themed cocktails. They chat with 1181 Owner Todd Hoye on Pride, mixology, and of course, have a cheers… or two!


CurliQue Beauty Beautique

Casey and Oakwyn Agent Eddie Ricarti sit down with the one, the only, Jaylene Tyme. Jaylene is an artiste, performer, advocate, and representative of CurliQue Beauty Boutique! CurliQue is the ‘retail sibling’ of Blanche Macdonald Centre, a beauty college located in downtown Vancouver.

Jaylene identifies as an Indigenous, two-spirit, trans, human. She is a beautiful light of the queer Community, who gives her time, her voice, and continuously shares her story to better the lives of others in our community. Jaylene joins Eddie and Casey at Oakwyn’s Downtown office to talk beauty, pride, and show the guys all the colours of the CurliQue rainbow! Join us in this fun episode.

Edward & Parnell Barber Shoppe

Casey is desperate for a “Pride Clean Up”! It’s Pride Season and so all of his LGBTQIA+ brothers and sisters have the fabulous salons and barbershops in the lower mainland booked up! But that won’t stop Casey from having his signature “waive” looking good for Pride 2020.

On the recommendation of his good friend and Oakwyn Agent Catherine Worthy, Casey hops on the ferry over to Vancouver Island! He joins Catherine at Edward & Parnell Barber Shoppe in search of getting that “Pride Clean Up”! Will Catherine use her top-notch negotiating skills to get Kitty Pitt, shop owner, to squeeze Casey in for a quick cut? Check it out!

Happy Pride!

Thanks for joining us on this exciting journey, as we explored Vancouver’s thriving queer-community with Oakwyn and Xeva Mortgage.

This year, Oakwyn created a series of pride-themed Nalgene bottles to raise money for QMUNITY and Out in Schools. Click here to purchase one of these exclusive bottles and support these great local charities.

Don’t forget, pride is inside of us all! There are so many ways you can engage with your community and make our city a more positive place for everyone. Support local businesses, donate to charities, and show your pride every day!


Episode 22: Oakwyn Pride Edition with Special Guest Casey Archibald

Pride is just around the corner in Vancouver & in full swing at Oakwyn! In this special Pride edition, we have our downtown in house mortgage broker, Casey Archibald!

You can reach Casey at 778-871-6996 or find him on the web at MortgageGay.ca


Oakwyn believes in the power of people. That belief pushes us to work towards a world that is inclusive for everyone; a world where we can all feel safe to be ourselves.

What we know today as Pride marks the annual commemoration of the 1969 Stonewall Riots. It’s a time to honour those who’ve fought against gender and sexual oppression, to celebrate our successes, and to push for more progress to be made. The idea of Pride means many things to many people. At Oakwyn we are full of Pride and here is what we value:

Promote Respect, Inclusivity, & Dignity for Everyone

Over the years, we have celebrated these values by supporting charities, holding events, and committing ourselves to education on all things equality. We will continue to make our voices heard and create a better real estate industry for everyone.

Read on to find out how we are celebrating Pride in 2020, along with some words from our agents and partners.

Promote Respect

Pride means action! We believe in showing our support, not simply saying it. So this year Oakwyn committed to charity by creating a line of exclusive Pride-themed Nalgene bottles. All proceeds from these bottles will go to supporting two local charities, QMUNITY and Out in Schools.


“With in person fundraising events being cancelled due to COVID-19, support from businesses like Oakwyn Realty is vitally important this year. Thank you for helping us provide accessible mental health support services, like counselling and peer support groups, to LGBTQ2S+ people in BC!”

Click here to purchase one of our exclusive bottles and support these great local initiatives.


Oakwyn is passionate about inclusion in the workplace. From our Women of Oakwyn events to our annual Pride celebrations we understand that taking the time to recognize equality is of the utmost importance.

Real estate is all about place, home, and family. These pillars have no boundaries and are open to all who seek them. As a community, we need to make sure we allow all of our clients to feel at home with us, be themselves, and that we celebrate all of those beautiful little details that make our world unique.

Promoting inclusion goes beyond simply wearing rainbows and waving flags; true inclusion comes from a place of genuine care, understanding, and self-reflection. To create a truly equal world, we all need to come together and fight for change. We truly believe that race, culture, gender, and love should never be a barrier to anyone’s happiness and we are proud of our diverse and successful roster of agents.


& Dignity for Everyone

Industry legend Stephen Morris has been in the real estate industry long enough to know that change is always possible. He gave us some positive insight on what makes Pride worth celebrating.

“I’ve been in the real estate business since 1986 and let me tell you, I’ve experienced some bigotry because of who I am. For me, Pride is about being proud of who you are and deflecting all the rest of it. It’s LOVE, baby! That’s all there is to it.

I have always been supported at Oakwyn and I think seeing a corporate office stand up for its values is important, for sure, but it shouldn’t be surprising. We’re Canadians; literally, a country built on immigrants. Diversity is natural to us! Of course, it is important to have an accepting workplace that celebrates the uniqueness of its talent, which has good core values and sets a positive example. Leading by example is important to me because, at the end of the day, we’re all just people.

Love will always win because it releases us from fear, anger, guilt, resentment; shame and blame too. Love connects us to our inner peace and lets us open our hearts to our communities.

We are proud to have positive, thoughtful, and hard-working agents like Stephen on our team.


Celebrate PRIDE

If this year has taught us anything, it is that love, support, and coming together as a community can get us through anything.

This year, even though Pride celebrations may look a little bit different, we are committed to celebrating our Pride with honour, care, and action.

Episode 21: Traits of a Top Producer Agent

In this episode, our hosts discuss the common traits that make up a Top Producing agent, some of which are the opposite of what you’d expect!

Sit back, and listen to our hosts discuss the traits of top producing agents around Oakwyn & how these traits come through in their businesses.

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Episode 20: How to Win a Listing Presentation

In our 20th episode, we learn all the Oakwyn tips & tricks on getting that Listing.

Our hosts discuss their own experiences and break down all the tools & steps to execute a winning presentation.

Episode 19: WOO Edition with Shauna Ocean

In our second WOO (Women of Oakwyn) edition, we’re sitting down with a very special WOO member Shauna Ocean!

The episode opens with a hard but important conversation on racism & the movement of Black Lives Matter.

In the second part of this episode, we get to know Shauna and her interesting life growing up in Yellowknife. Moving forward to where she is now, living her goals of balancing motherhood, a real estate career & small business with her husband. #WOO

Follow Shauna on IG @shauna_ocean

Episode 18: WOO Edition - She is Here! Meet Arlene Chiang

In our 18th episode, our hosts have their third amigo, Oakwyn Co-Founder, C.O.O. & lead Managing Broker, Arlene Chiang! The three discuss the role of a Managing Broker, the dynamic of their partnership, & some WOO (Women of Oakwyn) wisdom!


WOO: Think Big, Then Go BIGGER

Every year, we come together as a company to celebrate our female agents. Our Women of Oakwyn event is now in its 4th year running. Although this year we are unable to gather in person, we wanted to make sure that we emphasized this important part of our community.

We created WOO to elevate and support the women in our industry. Women have made a lot of progress in recent years, but the battle is far from over. The President’s Club and Medallion clubs are predominately male. Discrimination still happens. Stories of violence, sexual harassment, and threats made towards female agents are all too common. WOO exists to shine a light on these problems, to incite change, and to ensure that our voices are heard.

Female empowerment is essential to the growth of our industry. At Oakwyn, we aim to create an environment where diversity and collaboration are encouraged; where women can feel free to succeed without fear. We celebrate our predominately female-led management team. Our agent maternity rate, created by President and Co-founder Morgan Browne, helps women continue their careers while growing their families.

Women of Oakwyn are more than just agents. They are innovators, change-makers, mothers, leaders, fighters, and success stories.

This year, our WOO theme is: Think Big, Go Bigger. Inspired by Co-founder and C.O.O Arlene Chiang’s father, this theme reminds us to not be afraid to “Think Big”. Hard work, compassion, and cultivating an understanding of our limitless potential is at the core of Oakwyn’s values. To celebrate this theme, we gathered 4 of our top-performing female agents and asked them 4 big questions.


Adina Dragasanu

How important is female empowerment to the real estate industry?

I feel that women naturally bring a lot of amazing gifts to the table. Empathy, being able to relate to others, building community. I think that’s beneficial not only for business but it helps raise the bar for the industry as a whole. It’s amazing to see so many females feeling empowered in the industry and stepping up to take higher levels of achievement.

What does the theme “Thinking Big” mean to you? Can you give us an example of how you have lived that idea in your career?

When I first got into the business I had this quote by Michelangelo up on my wall and it said, “The greater danger lies not in setting our aim too high and falling short, but in setting our aim too low and achieving our mark.” That was something I really kept in mind as I started my career. Not going after what we know we can achieve, but seeing what is possible beyond our limits. When my clients are looking to buy or sell, it’s not about helping them through that transaction, it’s really about setting them up for the next phase of their lives.

How do you overcome challenges in your day-to-day?

Well, there’s a lot of challenges in this business and I think that’s the one thing that we can’t avoid. Early on I used to resist challenges and I always wanted perfection. But now, I really try to embrace challenges because in every challenge, and every defeat, there is a little hidden layer of opportunity. The more I embrace those challenges the more I find myself growing.

What inspires and motivates you in your career?

What I love most about this business is helping people through to the next phase of their life. Taking them from where they are now and helping them envision their future and get to that next level. That’s what got me into the business and what’s kept me excited about it. What inspires me is seeing the innovation within our industry. Seeing the new generation coming in, hanging the way we do business, but still keeping the same values of service and community.


Wenda Tseng

What is the most challenging part of being in a leadership position?

I’ve been in the real estate business since 2003, so 17 years now. I think in this role there are a lot of rewards, but there are also a lot of challenges. For me, making sure that I am setting the right example for my team is really important. It means being self-aware and being the hardest working person in the office, the fiercest competitor, and the most innovative. Keeping your emotions in check is really important. We are all human and we feel things, but as a leader, you need to be a positive force for your team because they look up to you.

What excites you about being an Oakwynite?

I love that I am part of a group of such extraordinary professionals. Oakwyn is different than any company I’ve worked for in my career. Like I said, I’ve been in this business 17 years, realistically I was brought up in it thanks to my family, and I’ve worked for a number of organizations in Canada and abroad. But Oakwyn is very special. It really creates an energy of community support that I’ve never seen anywhere else. They are always there for anything that we need and very supportive. This company isn’t just lateral where you have a relationship with your manager, you have relationships with other colleagues as well, and that is really wonderful.

Who are some influential women that you look to for inspiration and knowledge?

I was always raised with the belief that I could do anything I wanted if I worked hard enough. Gender wasn’t something I saw as a barrier. One of my favourite female role models is Indra Nooyi, who was a former CEO of Pepsi, and she really reshaped the business. She doubled their profits. She was an immigrant from India, she went to school in India, and became a powerful woman in the USA. Coming from a minority background that really inspired me. She was also a mother of two and as a mother myself, that gives me motivation and helps me see that women can have it all.

What got you into this industry and what keeps you in it?

It was pretty natural for me. Both of my parents were realtors, so I grew up in the real estate world. I remember as a kid being taken to showings, open houses, and viewings. Back in the day, I was sitting in my parent’s study just going through catalogues (back then there was no internet), listening to them on the phones making appointments, doing negotiations, and typing up offers on their typewriter. So those were my weekends. But through that experience, I found something I loved. I learned a lot; the vocabulary, the lingo, the lifestyle. Naturally, I was just drawn to it. As my career progressed, I began to establish amazing friendships with clients. Clients turn into lifelong friends. It’s so special to be part of one of the largest decisions someone will make. You really grow a special bond that is unique to our industry. For me, it’s not an option whether I am staying or not. It’s a part of my life. The rewards are way more than financial, this is who I am.


Jessica Chen

Can you tell us about a moment in your career where you felt truly empowered?

One of the most pivotal moments in my career was when we realized that we built a community, and a client base, that we connected with morally and with values. We knew we had real trust and connection. We were able to align ourselves with the right buyers and sellers and from that, they referred friends, family, and colleagues. It was truly empowering to know that there was a community out there that I could make an impact on, and they have impacted me as well.

Has the representation of women in real estate changed since you started your career? How do you see this representation changing in the future?

When I started real estate in 2002, I thought I had to have grey hair, drive a Mercedes, and be over the age of 60 to be taken seriously in this industry. I think that over the years, with technology and with social media, with the fact that it’s not just a boy’s club, many women were able to step up and show that they are a force to be reckoned with. So I definitely have seen changes.

What does WOO mean to you and how does it affect the larger Oakwyn community?

When I first started I could count on one hand how many female-led teams there were in Vancouver. Now, there are countless strong, female-led teams. WOO is phenomenal because it supports that growth. It really attracts like-minded women, and these women are here at the brokerage with us. I hope that WOO continues to grow, and I know it will. Being part of a company that commits to events such as WOO, means that upcoming female agents are at least five steps ahead of where I was when I first started. You’re already walking into a family that’s going to keep you on your pedestal.

What drives you to be successful in this industry?

I think naturally it is in me to just keep going. I’ve been told by my coaches that I’m a bit of a perpetual worker. There’s no stop for me, I don’t see an end. I’m driven by the fact that I was raised by a very independent, strong mother who always said, “You just keep going until you can’t go anymore.” I’m also driven to lead by example for my sons. I want them to have respect and understanding of what women can do, and to make sure that they grow into really great men.


Elaine Andrews

Can you tell us about your work with the Kidney Foundation?

I’m really proud to be a part of that organization. I got involved with the Kidney Foundation because of my daughter. When my daughter was 16 we discovered she had end-stage kidney disease. That was a life-changing moment for our family. I immediately gave her a kidney transplant and I quickly learned a lot about kidney disease. All of that information made me want to get involved, so I created a walk for awareness and to encourage organ donor sign-ups. We ended up raising about $30,000. I realized that I wanted to keep doing this, to make it a priority to give back to the world. Just as I made that decision, I got a call from the Kidney Foundation offering me a National Director role. It was as if everything was aligning. So I sit on the board with many very successful volunteers and I’m really proud to be supporting this organization.

What does being a woman in business mean to you?

I think that women have to put up with a lot of judgement because we are women. But I also think that being a woman in business is a real advantage. Women are natural nurturers of the human soul. As a nurturer, you have to take the time to connect with a person and really find out about their needs. That really means listening and helping them. In a profession that is based around connection and help, that’s a big asset to your career. I think women have an opportunity to excel by tapping into what we naturally do.

How do you personally manage and empower your team?

I am constantly motivating myself to improve this skill. I find that managing my team, who happens to be my family, is a very difficult task. We’re family, we come with a lot of baggage. So, it’s constantly making me explore new ideas of management. I think I inspire my team, I always know on Mother’s Day because that’s when I get the cards telling me they are thankful for my guidance.

You are a mother, a businesswoman, a philanthropist, among many other roles. How do these roles complement each other?

In the roles that I play, I think they are all service-oriented. I think when you focus your time and energy on serving others, it’s very rewarding, and you will naturally be successful. That’s how they complement each other. It can be difficult to find balance. Finding balance is like walking on a tightrope, you are constantly making adjustments to stop yourself from falling. You have to be careful not to be too hard on yourself because you are never going to be perfect. I think I’m lucky though, because in those roles when I find success, it is really self-satisfying.