“If at first the idea is not absurd, then there will be no hope for it.”

Albert Einstein

Every year Oakwyn takes the time to define the year ahead and set an overarching theme for our brokerage, agents, and wider Oakwyn community.

The ceremonial Sales Kickoff Event acts as a way to connect the community and celebrate the year before and the year ahead. This year we were forced to rethink what this looked like but are proud to have celebrated together nonetheless.

Read on for a round-up of Oakwyn’s first and innovative, Virtual Sales Kickoff.

2021 Virtual Sales Kickoff

Last year, celebrating at JW Marriot Parq, Oakwynites from all over the lower mainland gathered to ring in the year of Experience alongside their colleagues, friends, and mentors. This year, remembering the celebrations of early 2020, reminds us with sharp clarity how much we have changed; globally, personally, and as a company.

The Sales Kickoff 2021 was moved to an entirely virtual event. This pivot demonstrates the resilience of our community and determination to continue to celebrate community even when it’s harder to do so.

Arlene's 2020 Company Recap

“We emerged together stronger, more prepared, and ready to help others find their homes” —Arlene Chiang

Every year, Arlene Chiang recounts the previous year of sales and statistics and highlights major areas of growth and notable numbers from the last 12 months. This year Arlene walked the Oakwyn community through the inconceivable year that, against all odds, is worth celebrating for Oakwyn and our agents.

“Somehow, through a global pandemic, we rebounded and grew”, Arlene explained, noting that the 2020 sales mark a year of great growth for the Oakwyn team. Our figures for 2020 show that the great resilience and hard work from our agents has not only paid off, but stands out by a staggering 54% of growth.

“We have a lot to celebrate, but a lot more to be grateful for,” Arlene concluded.

Oakwyn’s Award Winners

More Oakwynites received awards this year for their hard work and dedication than any other and we are exceptionally proud of every part of the Oakwyn community. The Sales Kickoff Virtual Event had awards presented by Managing Brokers Joe Lloyd for Sales Achievement, Michelle Adams for Sales Excellence, Eric Grant for Top Producer, and Shelly Smee for Masters and The Golden Award.

Special congratulations go to the 2020 Golden O recipient, Pete Shpak, and recipients of the following awards:

Presented by former Rookie of the Year 2019 Mark Landrigan and Kim Lee, this award is given to the highest-earning agent in their first calendar year. Congratulations Ranj Khakh, Rookie of the Year 2020!

Presented by Eric Grant, the Breakout Agent is awarded to the agent that generated the largest income increase from the previous year. Congratulations Steven Forlin, Breakout Agent 2020!

Presented by Celine Bacani, the Oakwynite of the Year award is given to the Oakwynite who best embodies company culture and values. Congratulations Sandy Gibson, Oakwynite of the Year 2020!

A huge pat on the back to all the award winners this year!

Ranj Khakh

Steven Forlin

Sandy Gibson

Our Year of Innovation

The theme of the year for 2021 is Innovation, selected for its powers of transformation and regeneration. Innovation is all about considering how to do better, to think better, and how those improvements can lead to continued success for us as individuals and as an organization.

Innovation has become part of all of our personal and professional lives since the great upheaval that was 2020. We have all had to learn how to innovate. Whether that be learning to pivot online, learning to better communicate with the people in our lives, or learning to work from home- innovation has been the residing power of our Oakwynites in 2020. This is why we wish to continue to innovate in 2021.

The Oakwyn Sales Kickoff Virtual Event was not only designed to introduce this theme, but it also helped demonstrate innovation in action. The event was a great example of Oakwyn’s resilience to pivot and embrace change in innovative ways.

We couldn’t be more proud of the ways we have and will continue to tackle whatever comes next and know innovation will help lead Oakwyn into an exciting new chapter in 2021.

“We’re entering into a new season and a new way of doing things.”

Michael Uy

Michael Uy - Oakwyn Realty

“Innovation doesn’t have to be just technology, it could be just the smallest things you’re changing in your day to day lives to make things better”

Arlene Chiang

Arlene Chiang - Oakwyn Realty

“You have a chance to evolve, you have a chance to do better, you have a chance to innovate.”

Morgan Browne

Morgan Browne

Innovate at Work

Hear from Arlene, Michael, and Morgan on how to incorporate innovation into your day-to-day.

“The number one thing and the key to innovation is that you’re there to make a difference in the world. If you’re thinking about the dollars and cents you’re not innovating, but if you’re there to try to make the world a better place, you are going to innovate.” — Arlene Chiang

“Innovation is looking for new ways of doing things. It’s about seeing what you’re doing in the past and looking for those improvements. Whether that’s incorporating a great piece of technology, getting into social media, or a different type of marketing structure or system. It’s taking a hard look at yourself and your business and seeing where you can make positive steps and positive changes.” — Michael Uy

“Get a quick second and talk to your customers, talk to the people that are really needing your service. Innovation is not just about bringing new hot ideas that are not going to work, you need to hear from your customers. They are the number one people to actually tell you what to do and how to change and what they need.” — Morgan Browne

Welcome to Our Innovative 2021

We send our heartfelt congratulations to this year’s award-winners. We are so proud of everyone’s collective efforts.

To keep up with how Oakwyn continues to innovate in 2021, visit our website, or follow us on Instagram.