Real Estate & Community Go Hand-in-hand

Real estate can be an intimidating industry. Because it is so self-driven, there can be a lack of support options available for real estate agents. And when it comes to broker-owners, this is especially true. At Oakwyn, we’re pleased to offer help with the entrepreneurial obstacles and isolation that can come with opening a brokerage. We have been expanding with real estate franchise opportunities, sharing our core values and some of the lessons we’ve learned along the way.

At Oakwyn, we’re deeply rooted in our communities — within real estate and outside of it. We want to support those around us in every way we can, allowing people to foster their careers with a solid foundation. “The brokerage business can be a lonely road where owners feel lost and isolated in an ever-changing environment,” Oakwyn Partner Michael Uy, states. “Oakwyn franchise provides community, a renowned brand, strategic thinking and effective systems to navigate and thrive in the market for current and soon-to-be broker-owners.”

Real Estate Franchise & Shared Values

The core values that Oakwyn has established guide our internal culture and often influence the way we conduct ourselves. We’re committed to improving the real estate industry from the inside out; our core values reflect this. And, we’ve shown that it works, too. Our community has grown in astounding ways — of course, we have franchises opening up across the greater Vancouver area, but, often, it is more granular than that.

With events like Women of Oakwyn (WOO), The Kindness Challenge, publicly stating support for the LGBTQ2+ community, and other community-driven efforts, we often see how the Oakwyn values can affect the individual person or enact change in a ripple effect.

coquitlam encore oakwyn real estate franchise

Watching the Oakwyn values evolve and adapt when newer members are brought into the fold is an exciting place to be. “We’re so proud of the efforts of our team to bring the Oakwyn culture to different communities,” Michael Uy states. “I’m excited to see our original ideas evolve with bringing new Oakwynites in different areas to join the crew.”

“Our offices are hubs that attract like-minded individuals,” Craig Dickson, part-owner of Oakwyn Encore tells us. “Each ‘office’ is distinctly different but by sharing complementary values we attract great people that share a sense of community… We love our team of agents as well as our staff. It is a tight-knit community that works together to excel at what we do best: Selling Real Estate, helping our clients, and loving what we do.”

The Tri-Cities & Beyond

Everywhere you look in the Tri-City area there are new faces, new buildings, and new developments. The Greater Vancouver area continues to grow at an exciting rate — and we’re growing along with it.

Coquitlam is a natural area to expand with an Oakwyn franchise. And, Oakwyn Encore is supported by people who believe in and uphold the Oakwyn values. “I believe in the people at Oakwyn Encore,” Michael states. “The staff are helpful and friendly, the owners Keith and Craig are kind and have a heart to serve and the agents are smart and love their clients. We share the same core values and we know great people with a great idea will create great results.”

Likewise, Craig Dickson states that Oakwyn Encore has “loved the support given to us through the transition. Michael, Arleen, Morgan and their team have been amazing.” They chose Oakwyn for the iconic branding and our dedication to spreading the Oakwyn message. “The Oakwyn branding and presence on social media is very slick and relevant to our market,” Craig states. “There is no other brokerage that captures the “cool” factor in their marketing like Oakwyn and people notice that! As well, Oakwyn strives to be ahead of the curve with education, technology, ethics and compliance.”

coquitlam encore oakwyn real estate franchise

The expansion of Oakwyn represents a steady growth of the Oakwyn community and a chance to share our core values with others. We’re happy to welcome owners Keith and Craig and the Oakwyn Encore team into the fold. Keith Strang tells us that Oakwyn Encore, too, is “excited to be part of the Oakwyn family as it aligns with our values and culture. We believe in creating a culture where everyone can succeed, everyone is supported and given the tools to perform to the highest standard. There is no other brand that does this as well as Oakwyn, it was a natural choice for us.”

“We are expanding Oakwyn by creating smaller communities with amazing leadership, marketing, and systems to better serve the public,” Michael Uy states. “We believe with strong leaders like Craig and Keith, we can evolve our ideas and grow our community more effectively than doing it alone. Coquitlam is a thriving and growing community that is the perfect location for Oakwyn. With all the new developments and real estate activity happening in the Tri-cities, Oakwyn Encore will be well-positioned to have expansive growth in the coming years.”