It’s easy to overlook the simple power of a human connection. With that in mind, Oakwyn decided to make 2019 all about human connection.

The secret to the Real Estate industry is Human Connection — it’s what drives us as agents and as an agency to help other people find their homes and reach their goals. After launching the theme in January at the Oakwyn annual sales kickoff event, we have been celebrating it in all things we do, from building content to integrating it into our corporate culture.

Our Core Values & The Human Connection

Oakwyn’s core values inherently celebrate the human connection. We believe in putting people before profits in all things we do. We wanted to rethink real estate and create a collaborative and supportive environment where our agents can thrive. Oakwyn came to be out of a desire for innovation, for community, for collaboration. Oakwyn is what it is today because of the people who work here.

“One of [Oakwyn’s] core philosophies is to ‘put people first’ and that’s always been the core of my business, too. My business is relationships, not transactions. The transaction is a result of the relationships that I have.” – Erik Carlson, Oakwyn Agent

The Human Connection, Filmed

The idea behind this video was to highlight Oakwyn’s annual theme, The Human Connection. In a world that is so inundated with technology and social media, this theme and the video created are intended to remind ourselves to truly make an effort to build human connections with those around us. Clients, co-workers, others in the industry, family, friends — it only takes one second to connect.

“We live in a world where we’re constantly bombarded by information. You never know how many opportunities you’ve missed simply because you were looking down at your phone. Live in the moment, appreciate those around you and be open to making new connections and creating new opportunities. It could take you places you may never have dreamed.” – Oakwyn

For a more in-depth look at the man behind the camera on this project head to Michael Uy’s podcast. Nima Zadrafi, the filmmaker behind The Human Connection video, sat down with Michael Uy to discuss the film, the human connection, and his beginnings.

Tales of Connection

Oakwyn’s Tales of Connection also highlighted the 2019 theme. Agents like Ashley Smith and Chris Fredrickson sat down to discuss exactly what human connection meant to them.

“I don’t necessarily have a mantra I live by but at my core, it’s about being authentic… When I got into Real Estate, what I realized, especially in Vancouver, is that you can blend that creative aspect with that business aspect and not have limits. And there’s a lot of purpose and value when you get to know people, you get that fulfilment from helping them meet their goals.” – Ashley Smith, Oakwyn Agent

When you put people before profits, incredible things happen.