For our 2020 theme of the year, Oakwyn chose to focus on The Experience— not just of our agents, but of our clients, our communities, and our world. Closing the year, we couldn’t have predicted how The Experience of 2020 would completely change the world as we once knew it. 2020 has been transformative in so many ways.

Despite the inordinate challenges, we are proud of the year we have had, and invite you to catch up on our Experience of 2020 with our Year in Review video below.

Our Year in Review

Just like the rest of the world, the start of 2020 had Oakwyn struggling to navigate the new and unrecognizable normal. Yet, over time, we managed to find a way, first to exist in this new world, and then to begin to grow.

Our experience of 2020 has shown us that learning no longer lies in individual perception. Instead, it lies in how our lives and collective experiences are connected. This unity has shown us understanding, but above all, it has taught us the importance of empathy – in business, and in our personal lives.

This is why Oakwyn spent our 2020 learning, connecting communities, and creating positive change. We have focused on collective growth, rather than individual, and we have challenged ourselves to think of the larger picture and how we, as individuals and communities, can make a difference.

Pivoting all Oakwyn culture and education to virtual allowed us to remain together even when apart.

Oakwyn and AntiSocial Solutions Present...

We are proud to introduce our Year in Review video, made in collaboration with our friends at AntiSocial Solutions.

Thank You!

2020 has certainly challenged us in ways we could have never imagined, but we thank you for living the experience with us.

Now, we move into 2021 knowing the importance of embracing and driving change, and striving for a world that is better.

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